Plume Moth                                          Plume Moth Damage

The Plume moth is readily available & I can supply for release enough to establish a colony. Upon inspection if not found another release will be sent in the original cost. These moths are active September until March their caterpillars eat the leaves of the plant, so grazing of plants should be avoided. During winter they are dormant in the growing tip. They build up by having 300 eggs/pair/cycle which can be 3 a year.




Clear Wing Moth

Clear wing moth effective in all conditions however grazing should be avoided from mid October until end of November as adults are egg  laying on stems. After this period larvae are below ground in the root. Clear wing moth has a similar life cycle as the dock moth.


Life cycle is annual with adults in spring and present for 6 to 8 weeks from late early October through to the end of November.

Larvae or grubs for the rest of the year.

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