Paterson's Curse

Crown weevils were released at this site in 1995, these pictures show the decline in 8 years in density and vigor by insects alone. No other treatments were used.

Yanco 1998

Yanco 2003

Paterson's Curse & Vipers Bugloss


  Leaf Mining Moth

Active in warmer months & limits seeding of secondary germinations in wetter years. Abundant no need to spread as throughout the range of the plant.



Crown Weevil Damage                    Crown Weevil

Life cycle is much the same as the plant. They emerge in March breeding through to October when that seasons adults emerge to feed on plants. They then go to ground until March to emerge then follow the same cycle.  The Larvae feed in the crown of plant often killing it. Heavy grazing interferes with establishment.


Root Weevil

Same cycle as crown weevil  but larvae are in the outer root of the plant.



Flea Beetle                                   Flea Beetle Larvae 


Flea Beetle                                

Also the same cycle as Weevils but eggs are laid in the root collar with larvae in the outer root. The most effective in grazing.


Stem Borer

Active in spring with larvae eating inner stem material.

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