As Dock Clearwing moths were released on my Mia Farm 10 years ago, once established I have seen them achieve continued control and a 70% reduction.

Joe Pantano,

Leeton Irrigation Farmer


After Bridal Creeper Rust and Leaf Hoppers were released on my Riverina Orange Orchard in 2000 I have seen a serious decline in density and vigor to at least half the problem it was, with ongoing decline of this weed.

Angelo Ciccia,

Mia Orchadist


10 years ago Paterson's curse bio control agents were introduced to the Visy mill pastoral location. These included Crown & Root Weevils, Flea & Flower Beetles. At this time there has now been a 50% decline in density & vigor of this weed due to these insects.

Mr. Anthony Barr

Manager Pratt Pastoral Company



Biological Control for Patterson's Curse was introduced to our three properties at Wagga, Ladysmith and Coleambally during 2002- 2003 season.

The control insects in question were Crown Weevil and Flea Beetle.

Now in 2010 we feel there is definitely a 50% reduction both in density and vigor of Patterson's Curse on all properties.

Bernie & Dianne Kelly


The Paterson's curse bugs and beetles were released here in about 1996. Since then we have seen a terrific reduction in the amount of Paterson's curse and no longer see the need to spray.

Peter Lawson, Book Book

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